Cardboard Consoles: An Introduction

Welcome to the inaugural edition or Cardboard Console, a series of articles where I hope to highlight some games that are more tabletop than tv screen. Board gaming is in a bit of a renaissance right now, with new card-flopping, dice-rolling, meeple moving experience dropping seemingly every week. Old behemoths like Magic:The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons still lumber around while many new experiences make their way to store shelves and kitchen tables.


Its kind of an exciting time as the industry as a whole is growing and becoming more mainstream. You can find celebrities dishing on their new favorite game, or even spot one or two highlighted in a tv series or two. Honestly, there are a wide range of game experiences to be had on the tabletop side of the pond. Modern game designers are clawing at the bit to create new experiences and twists on old classics. There are more than enough fantastic licensed property games to delve into and more great original properties to get lost in.

I hope that with this series I can find a nice cross-section of gaming. That may entail reviewing a product, throwing out some strategy, simple news, or maybe something a little more opinionated. If you have something you’d like to talk about, learn more about, or just like to see more of be sure to let me know in the comments.

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